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What We Do

Our Work

TeamCAN members receive strategic support for local campaigns, get training in leadership and advocacy, and tap into the Teamsters network to mobilize other TeamCAN members and work toward locally identified goals.


Building Communities Committed to Change

TeamCAN members are likeminded Iowans who come together at the grassroots level to identify the points of deepest need in their communities and work with experienced organizers to craft strategies for change.

Capacity Building

Building Power for Change

TeamCAN provides members within our network with the tools and support they need to successfully fight back against the attacks on working families in our communities and state. These include issue identification, leadership training, campaign infrastructure, mobilization, and other resources that empower working Iowans to win.


Harnessing the Power of a Statewide Movement

TeamCAN members at the grassroots level are backed by thousands of Teamsters across the state, in every county, as well as our expanding network of activists and organizations who are committed to supporting the concept of strength in numbers. With unity comes power and voice.

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